To comply with the requirements from Child Nutrition Services for our students with food allergies and accommodating their needs we need information from parents.

In order to help the school assure a safe environment for your child, there is certain information that will help in this endeavor.  Please provide the following information to the school:

  • Provide written medical documentation/diagnosis and instructions from your physician.
  • Send to your child’s teacher some safe food substituted for your child to eat when food is brought to the classroom for special occasions.
  • Provide an EpiPen and/or other medication and documentation for its use from your doctor in case of an emergency. The required forms for use are available in the office.

Other things that would be helpful in caring for your child are:

Continue to educate your child about their allergy including how to avoid their allergen, what foods are safe and unsafe, to tell an adult if they are experiencing symptoms of a reaction, not to trade foods with other students, and to eat only foods that have been identified as safe.

Review food and non-food allergies and the emergency plan with your child’s teacher, school nurse, bus drivers, and coaches.

Review the cafeteria menu to be sure the foods offered are safe for your child.

Call the food service director, Mary Sayers, at 818-4288 if you have questions about the menu.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Agnes Lopez, RN, BSN

School District Nurse

Newark Unified School District

5175 Musick Ave.

Newark, CA 94560

(510) 818 – 4146

(510) 793 – 4101 (fax)